Sunday, April 24, 2016


I have some free alone time today and I thought of posting a new band that is a bit recent. I discovered mothlight not so long ago by David Norman discussing it on his blogspot (click it) and saying it reminded him of the band Matsuri so I had to check it out. I was fairly impressed by the bands first ep and 2 songs off the split record they did with Marcy, Coma regalia and Flesh born (All bands are superb I tell ya) Mothlight had self released a 2016 tour tape and well the songs are a bit rough and much more rough on the tape, but that's okay its self released so I give this a pass on the tape quality. I ordered the tape and both shirts they were selling on their tour. Unfortunately for them the tour was cancelled halfway but because of it I was able to pick up some merch off their bandcamp. They even gave me a bunch of Mothlight patches, buttons and a zine containing one of Mothlights shirt designs.

The 4 songs on the tape have 3 new songs that will be re-recorded and featured on the bands upcoming LP while the other song is simply a re-recorded one off the bands first EP. This band has major potential of being one of the few modern ones I can really dig.
2016 tour tape

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