Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Reversal of man

Oh boy this is one I waited on because I did not have the discography CD. I want to be fair in the emo game and not in the floorboard game. Reversal of man... Hmm I remember jamming the shit out of the cd when I had them on my very first ipod. The band is hella memorable to me and obviously favorable. The band released a a few splits here and there. I only wanted the self titled 7" along with the Revolution summer 10" and the 12" of This is medicine. The discography cd almost has every split, comp and other stuff besides the last later splits after the cd was released. ROM was a pretty sick intense hardcore band with the roots of real fucking screamo. Not that weak shit. Florida had some good quality stuff around the time such as Carlisle, etc. Anyway, the discography is dope, Revolution summer is awesome and This is medicine is just insane but with much shorter songs. The insert of the 10" have a zine style with lyrics which is pretty fucking clever. The insert for this is medicine is pretty big almost like a tiny poster stapled as a booklet. While there's a bunch of mediocre reunion bands going around in 2016 Reversal of man would be one to stand out and be the contender of reunions in 2016 if that were to happen. I picked up the self titled 7" from that famous Armageddon record store in practically near mint condition for about 5.99. The other two records were also digged up from discogs. As for the discography I waited until someone was selling it in near mint for 5 dollars. CD's should always be in mint or near mint. Light scratches doesn't do it and the durability is not strong afterwards. I remember mentioning that playing a cd all the time causes it to get tiny scratches due to the laser reading the cd. They get worse until a crack forms and the cd is forever fucked, so I try no to play cd's all the time unlike records. If you haven't heard of ROM I would suggest to go with the discography download first since it has the earlier songs. I know they have more songs off the later last splits but I do not have that so you'll have to get that elsewhere. I am just being honest with my collection for this band. The song off the video is taken from one of the earlier splits which is on the discography cd.

Reversal of man 7"

Revolution summer 10"

This is medicine 12"

Discography CD

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