Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tzadikim Nistarim & Adobe homes

So before Adobe 3 of the 4 members were in a band called Tzadikim Nistarim that was extremely short lived, a Cali DIY label called Affinity Index and another under the name Communique records released the bands only single sided 7" entitled Heat death (Which is name of the song) Its just a single song that runs over 6 minutes on one side. Yeah, this band released one 7" with a single song on it. I believe this was released sometime in 2006 (Discogs says 2009) which the band might have lasted just a year. It still sounds like what Adobe homes plays so if anything I just think of this as Adobe homes with a different band name.
Heat death 7"

Adobe homes in the other hand still sounds similar to the previous band. Both took place in New Mexico (Figures the way they sound) Some parts remind me a bit of Innards (Also released a split with) and even a bit of others like Arse Moreira (Just slightly a bit). Adobe also ended not long ago but released a demo tape, split tape, a 10", 2 splits 7"s (One with Beau navire which was my first record ever and another split with Innards), a compilation 7" called Swollen lungs, and a very neat 9" called Piñata. A lathe 8" of the demo was made as a final goodbye for Adobe homes. I would definitely want you to check to swollen lungs compilation there are some amazing bands in that 7" you can check the bandcamp for that here. The compilation was on sale for a dollar so I ended up getting it most of the bands I am aware of while a few not really but overall this compilation is just very amazing (Pick it up here). The band does have a bandcamp you can check here. BEAR records is still selling the bands 9" for 7 dollars (Please do a favor and get it before they're gone forever) you can get that here. You can also order the split with innards at Flannel gurl records here it's on sale for 4.00. Everything else is sold out but overall Adobe homes is pretty great and worth sharing here.

Ristra 10"

Adobe homes/Beau Navire split 7"

Swollen lungs compilation (Only Adobe's track)

Piñata 9"

Adobe homes/Innards split 7" (Contains both bands)

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  1. About Tzadikim Nistarim: WOW I felt so alone in my country, like the only screamo fan, so to think this band would show up. It's name in hebrew means 'Hidden Rightous-ones". They are so cool. Thank you,
    A Jewish Girl