Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The sixty-five film show

I picked up a bunch of shit last week on discogs, most of this stuff is under 6 dollars so I grabbed a whole lot of stuff (I will post here sometime soon) and well I ran into this band while checking the discogs seller. I have never heard of this band and very little info is around but after getting some info it figures that the band is from Virginia that began possibly in 1998. This 3 song 7" was released in 1999 which has a more aggressive Braid-like sound (That's just me) the band released some Halloween split 7" and a posthumous full length of some type way later on sometime 2004. But I will look more into the 7" I have. So for starters the cover is pretty fucking plain yellow with the bands name. Somehow I find it pretty interesting, I don't know why I do. Everything else seems to be photocopied and what not but this is how DIY works and I fucking love it! Overall the sleeves aren't fancy but for a used old record the sticker came with the record which still looks as fresh as it was back in '99. Dude, once I played the 7" I easily got into the jams. Definitely worth the 4 dollars for it. I did my best in converting it (Did it twice) I did hear some of the songs off the full length but nothing is compared as good as the bands side B track "Ninth grade crushed on you" I really got into that one. They're also playing a show in June at Virginia. This is fucking crazy.

The sixty-five film show 7"

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