Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Flowers in gun barrels

June is finally here and yet most mornings begin cloudy until 1 PM which is when the sun rises but its pretty windy. The Cali weather is a bit odd this season. Usually by mid May it is extremely hot. I ran into plastic smile records when I saw Nolan post his label on the shout out of a band on lastfm. He made it interesting so I checked this PSR label and boy am I glad I did checked this label out. One of his early bands was this one which I think started as a 3 piece then a 2 piece and at the end just himself (Which he then formed his solo Iwontstopwonderinguntilyoustopbreathing for like 2-3 years and then The truth about dreaming for about 4) he also did another project of Celestial being which was incredibly and did not last long. I have mentioned this on my old blogspot but re-mentioning them again would be good. Flowers in gun barrels reminds me a lot of a lo fi version of I wrote haikus about cannibalism in your yearbook but with more cleaner like guitars. Its sloppy and all over the place at times. This band was very underrated that even today its still a pretty underrated band no one really talks about. I remember the first thing I ever bought from PSR was a FIGB bundle which was the bands shirt, the envelope CD (Which I think is just as a S/T), 2010 collection CD (Contains the songs from the S/T plus 2 other demo releases which is the total of 19 songs), the split tape with IWSWUYSB and about 3 patches that look gnarly. He did 2 pressings of the bands discography on cassette and finally did a CD press sometime in 2014 I believe along with a IWSWUYSB Discography CD. The CD is missing 3 songs for some odd reason since I only count 26 and not 29 . Luckily I still carry the mp3's of the discography cassette. Since then Nolan hasn't mentioned anything or doing any represses and such for this. PSR is no longer on bandcamp so it is pretty hard to come by the entire discography and all the releases from PSR were extremely limited ass hell. This is definitely a band you want to listen to if you are into the whole sloppy screamo.

S/T CD (Pressing # 6/25)

2010 Collection CD (I don't have a # for this CDr press but I believe it might have been less than 40)

Flowers in gun barrels/Iwontstopwonderinguntilyoustopbreathing split tape (Pressing # 19/25)

Discography CD (Pressing out of 50 I believe)

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  1. I don't think the 2010 collection had a pressing amount - nolan 95% of the time was REALLY good at least labeling the release somewhere like /25 /10 etc (the other 5% was from some of the tapes he put out I think missed them). My copy at least isn't numbered, and sounds like yours isn't either. I also didn't mark it down on deadformat to get specific pressing information (I was so anal about it even if it wasn't on my actual copy)

    You are also missing the discography tape, too! Which is actually probably my favorite release of any nolan project (not just the band, but the actual package design too). I have 10/10 and my understanding he colored the art different each release. heres some pics

    I really wish nolan kept up all his bandcamps :/ It looks like I'm missing the discography cd myself, oh well.