Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Today seems like another lit day for a post. I also changed the fucking sick "tacky myspace" layout I had. Someone was too obsessed and nit picky about it. As a result I like the color maroon so I went with this new generic boring layout that is simple. I guess its not so bad I do prefer my myspace layout though
Peterbuilt was a band from Florida that surprisingly I found out they were also in the band Rosalind (Which also shared members from Carlisle) Peterbuilt is a nice emo band with a little Jawbreaker touch, but not too much though. This is the second release from Hazel records the 1st being Rosalind and the 3rd being Carlisle's self titled. So this pretty much is the end for Hazel records. Peterbuilt released a full length cd a few years after the 7" but I have more long for the 7" than anything else. The band shorlty after disbanded but also had recorded a second full length that wasn't released until now. The band did a reunion in 2014 and released a flexi 7" for the show. Looks like they are still selling it. You can check the bands bandcamp. Lets get back to the first 7", Hazel did a press run of 500 which I believe there are 2 different cover versions of the record. One being a blue cover and the other black (Which I have) the 7" has 2 inserts, one from Hazel and the other a lyrics insert (Nice as usual). I think we can all admire this bands 7"

Regulation/Circumference 7"

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