Friday, June 24, 2016

Beau Navire 2009 Demo 10"

Considering this was a Canadian release and limited to 300 copies, this was very hard for me to find at a okay price. But after having it on my wantlist on discogs I finally got 2 emails of the same discogs seller selling Hours 12" for 14 and the demo for 20 but had an offer button. I had offered 16 but the prick said 18 would be the lowest. As I have mentioned many times, these are DIY records the value never goes up but for some strange reason I find myself in these situations when discogs sellers think its okay to put a high price. Since I couldn't refuse for the fact 18 is commonly low considering the past sells, the record being new and that I had already made the offer which they accepted but added 2 more dollars on the shipping. So fuck it. After getting both records the demo came with a download code which I had known by now that the download would contain remastered versions of the demo and not the originals I had posted. A friend of mine asked if I can send the remastered versions to him and it gave me the idea to post it here as well only because the 10" is long out of print.

2009 Demo 10"

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