Wednesday, September 6, 2017


This band is among one of the rare 90s emo obscure class types due to its short existence, the band was active between September 3rd 1994 up to like May 23rd 1995 I think. The band was from San Jose, California and out about 4-5 shows throughout their existence. 5 songs were made (A very short discography) the songs were way later recorded. 4 of them were put out as a posthumous 10" release on Tree records in 1996, the record was called Erasmia Pulcella. There was also a UK press of this but notably known as a self titled 10", 175 were pressed under Simba recordings. Tree records pressed 1,000 of these. The instruments for the 10" were recorded in a living room while the vocals were done out in a backyard (You can kinda hear a dog barking in one of the tracks) the recording process of this record is one of a kind and hella memorable due to its 5 few songs. To break it down the band mixes up their style from slow emo narrative vocals to a Ettil Vrye screamo-esque. The 4 songs are just fucking flawless, very lengthy but definitely not boring at all. September will always be remembered and are really fucking worthy to download or even buy the record if you see the chance on discogs (As of this post there are 3 copies being sold in the US and one in Sweden)
The tempo switches around and its a amazing early/mid classic emo piece. It makes me wish more of these bands were around. I can kinda see how this band might have later influenced bands like The lazarus plot, Ettil Vrye, Kolya or even Reiziger and The sea, the sea.

Erasmia Pulcella 10" (Love is a dog from hell compilation song included)

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