Saturday, August 20, 2016

Me Versus The Monster

Another "Obscure" type of posts today, I actually knew this band when I was around 13. For Christmas my sister was given a My Chemical Romance magazine (Yeah she was into that pop rock stuff) the magazine was a AMP one that came with a comp cd which luckily had no MCR songs. It had mainly mediocre bands, a lot of punk rock bands and a few pop rock bands. 3 bands sticked out the most one being Moneen, Crime in stereo and Me versus the monster. The only song I ever heard from this band was "Next of kin" I never got to listen to anything else by them. I actually could not find any info on this band what so ever. Between the years I simply could not find simply nothing until recently Interpunk has copies of the bands first 4 song EP called while amazon had the bands second and final extended play entitled "The resurrectionist" the band just faded away afterwards (Always the good bands that have potential fade out too soon) so about 10 songs were brought in by the band. This band has a whole lot of Fugazi/Four hundred years/Amber Inn/Shotmaker/The Hal Al Shedad 90's post hardcore influence which makes me like them even more. It's a real bummer this band is rarely mentioned and just completely forgotten. The band did release one music video for their first EP. I simply don't know how this band even broke up. They were just those mysterious rare finds that was a bit thrown within the mainstream side. I actually think they might have taken place in the 2004 or 2005 warped tour in the smaller sections of the shows. Although I can't confirm this but the name somehow sticks out to it but can be a false memory. There wasn't any of their music out on the internet so I had to really convert these, post them on youtube and post them on here. They do have shirts available on interpunk for 15 (Interpunk overprices things) and these 2 CD's are available on the same site and amazon. I have been waiting forever to listen to the other nine songs and I am very impressed on how this band turned out to sound like.

Eat.Sleep.Work.Die music video

Eat.Sleep.Work.Die EP

The resurrectionist EP

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