Thursday, August 11, 2016


Today was my final day of school. I am officially done with college. Thank fuck I am done, I couldn't stand being there anymore. L'Antietam hailing from Boston was a hardcore screamo band that sometimes would do some cool mathy like riffs on the later releases. I do know the vocalist formed Sneeze after this which is a pretty rad grunge like indie rock band. L'Antietam left some rad releases which most of them were added on a compilation CD titled "Family" that carries unreleased songs on their previous work all in one CD. Shortly after the band released a EP called Arthur Carr which is still great nonetheless. I found both CD's on deathwish website. So far I have bought 3 things off their that were interesting enough. The Saetia 2xLP and these 2 CD's which I think they are still on sale for like 3 dollars. The band also released another 2x7" of some sort that was like a double release with 2 different EP's in one. Something like that. Honestly that release didn't really hit hard and is almost completely forgotten (Or at least with me) Family is more where all the sick songs are at. I remember hearing about a split they were going to do with Loma Prieta back in the day but it only seems that Loma had recorded their side of the split only. About 2 splits with Loma were never made the one with Arse and the one with this one. Such a shame but as for L'Antietam they put out a bunch of great songs. They also released a split with Kidcrash and Furnance I believe. They came out in some mixtape compilation as well. I'll gather those in one file for you guys. I suppose I'll post the bands 2x7" Dark brew & Rock bottom


Arthur Carr EP

Furnance split/Kidcrash Split/Mixtape comp

Rock bottom/Dark brew

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