Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Evergreen Trio

This band is one of those softy types which isn't such a hype for me but they did make some solid tunes. The bands 7" has a cheesy yet sweet sound. It even includes some electronic drum kit and the 2 songs gives that winter feeling vibe. Same thing can also be said about the band's only full length. They had also self released a acoustic length but to be honest I am not into that stuff. On the side note the band left a few songs behind but it still beats anything The promise ring and mineral made so it's worth something to post on here. It took me forever to search for the songs off the 7" which were once online. Everyone else sucks for never posting it online. I had to buy a copy of it so I can convert it myself. I do like those songs slightly more even with its cheesy sound shits a bit little hilarious though but still enjoyable and listenable.

The Evergreen Trio 7"

For all intents and purposes

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  1. thanks for the 7 inch! godspeed you angryemonerd!!