Friday, July 22, 2016

Cowboys are Indians

So I am just close to graduating from college and I believe my life is going in for a drastic turn, the love I know I will probably see her until next year since she has some business of family importance over at Arizona. I had thought about moving there but I also wouldn't mind bringing her here so we can move down to Bixby or Lakewood which both areas are much nicer than here in Long Beach. I recently got a new job at Ross where I think even though I am settling in with an AA I probably will stick at this place for a while and rank myself up. I am a bit stoked on whatever is coming in. This band was from New Hampshire that played some great chaotic screamo. They seemed to have only made one LP under BEAR records while the rest were self released DIY. They have a 8 song self titled cdr, a split cdr with cassettes on fire (Who are also another great band) and another live that happens to be a split with another band called Giant fucking mirror which happens to be just a practice set. Their debut LP Constantly fucked was long overdue but after time BEAR records finally showed us another great release from this epic label. I really like the cover for the bands LP. Pretty fucking brutal ass fuck haha. Before the LP and much after one of the original members had passed away in which I think the LP was in memory of him. I think this is still sold at BEAR for like 5 dollars I think so you should really check it out and give BEAR your money. Friendly otter might have some coming in soon. Cowboys are Indians aren't a band you want to miss. It's another on in the family of BEAR and its easily one of the records that stick out a lot to me on this label next to Carrion spring, The caution children, Fire team charlie and Sneeze. bandcamp and put up all the releases they did.

Constantly fucked LP

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