Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Quantice never crashed

I was roaming around lastfm just for the memories sake of back in the day and while roaming I found this short lived band from New york. They present to us a self titled CD which I just received today in the mail. They sort of have that generic hardcore familiar sound but what makes the band up is the vocals that slightly remind me of Ampere or Orchid and for that this clearly helps the band being unique from the rest. The cd was released sometime in the fall of 2004. There was a early promo press edition which happens to be a gatefold (Don't like those) Here we have the regular jewel case I got myself for a dollar on amazon that was still sealed. I really enjoyed listening to this band and I am sure you will too. The band did a 2 song early demo, these 2 songs were later added to the bands self titled. Another 2 unreleased demos were also made. There is also a 2 song live set which is combined to a single track. These are under the unreleased file which I was able to get off soundcloud. They also recently released a song off a compilation tape (Even though the band is no longer active) they somehow made it in this comp tape. I believe they had a show 3 years ago for some benefit show, the band is still active somewhat even after all this time.
You can check the comp tape here everything goes towards the animal shelter. You can check it here

Quantice never crashed (Unreleased tracks also included)

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