Friday, July 15, 2016


This is possibly the biggest talk there is of Saetia getting its first ever discography repress on wax. We all waited so long for this thing to ever be a actual thing. Saetia was the second real screamo emotional hardcore band I got into. After listening to The spirit of versailles for some weeks I would see "Saetia" being thrown in those 2007-2008 forums and well I gave them a shot. One of the early songs I heard were the ones off the demo tape mainly being Closed hands and One dying wish. It was such a emotional rollercoaster of wanting to mosh but also get sad. Those screams still give me the goosebumps. Saetia has remained pretty important to me being the second band that taught me that the diy of screamo is still the best and good at it still. A label called Secret voice had plans of releasing this record since last year but word of it spread like a wildfire in January of this year. It was the main thing I was anticipated about, I was also hoping for a shirt reissue (Which they also made that happen) I was also hoping for a remaster of the 17 songs which I believe they were. Before that Deathwish had release a cassette version of the Live at ABC No Rio songs which was kinda like a early announcement that the discography LP was in the works. I had picked this tape up with the belief that it might be in bad quality due to the songs being crappy quality live sets but they actually did a great job with these pro dubbed tapes. Once one of my friends told me that the pre order was up I had then preordered the bundle. By all means this is a pretty rad year to have this come out. Well I received my copy this past Thursday morning. When I got home I had played the first LP which contains the songs from the self titled. Today I played the second LP which has the songs from Eronel on the first side while the other side has the songs off the demo tape and the compilation song. Although I do find the title being "Collected" a bit silly and funny. Perhaps being A retrospective or Discography would have been fine. Even Collection but collected, not really what I had hoped for. So the sleeve has a glued booklet which shares each member's experience with the band or at least a portion of it. They do not exactly tell the whole story but it gets to the point. I also did wished there were a bit more to be told. Saetia was a great band I stumbled upon and I do believe it's those bands everyone will stumble upon at first due to its popularity and early mentions about getting into emotive hardcore. And honestly its a great example and a good way to start off.

Collected 2x12"

Live at ABC No Rio

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