Sunday, July 24, 2016

My favorite split ever

This split was one of my favorites when I was 16 and even today. I found out these bands thanks to this split. This led me to all these and from the 4 The reptilian is still active (They have a new LP coming out in September) this was a self released CDr in a sewed manila folder. I had bought this crap off someone and honestly it wasn't worth what I paid for. No insert is in this and even song titles. So in honor of this amazing split I shall post it here for you guys to listen. 2 of the lautrec songs were added to the bands 8 songs cd while the 2 songs off the reptilian were added to we have become ep as for osceola these songs were from a split with Suis la lune. Finally we have the short lived band I have not mentioned here which is Boy problems. The band lasted half a year which they released a 5 song tour cd and this split. One of the songs on this split is off the tour demo while the other appears to be new. The quality is all the same so perhaps they were saving this one for this split. The band appeared to have started in the summer of 2008 and ended later in the fall of that same year. I don't like splits a whole lot because most of the time I don't like all the bands in the split but as for this split its one of the few 4 ways I admire a whole lot.


Boy problems

The reptilian


Lautrec/The reptilian/Boy problems/Osceola

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