Sunday, July 10, 2016


Thursday eh? Well I have to be honest Thursday is a pretty okay band. I got into them late but my main focus is between the bands first 3 lengths. I believe I started giving them a shot within the summer of 2008 which I mainly heard Waiting and Full collapse a lot and because of it I find them extremely memorable. I really couldn't get into A city divided from the light and so on. I also want to state that I really diss on Victory records for doing warped tour hot topic pop bullshit, screwing bands over and definitely screwing this band over which made them switch to another major label which was Island records. I have no info or business with such a major label that I actually been doubting of ever posting Thursday on here because of the mix feelings I have with Victory and Island records. That being said Thursday did a great job with both albums being the end for my love on Thursday. I believe they played with other great bands at the time such as Saetia, Reversal of man, Hot cross, Bright calm blue, Staynless, You and I and a few others that were not fake fuse emo crap. I have love and some hate with this band mainly because I have no clue why such a band that began as independent band got hanging around with Victory records or Warped tour to begin with. That is just my entitled opinion and I can't be certain I a correct of my opinion. By the end of the day a opinion is a opinion. But we all have to agree I somehow got a hold of supporting this band somehow by purchasing their cd's and even Five stories falling which they told fans not to buy. I did it just for the small collection. If you never heard of them Thursday is a pretty easy listen. They definitely have many catchy songs between Waiting and Full collapse.


Full collapse

Five stories falling EP

War all the time

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