Friday, August 14, 2015


I've recently been asked why not start a tumblr blog instead. I honestly don't find tumblr as a resourceful or even a blog at all I don't want to be the body count of those kids who steal links and throw them at tumblr users and hash tagging crap and what not. I honestly find that very silly and not organized like how blogspot does it. Tumblr is more of a diary if anything while Twitter is more of a place where "You say shit nobody gives a shit about" I don't have either accounts for those two places, all that stuff just bugs me. After looking through some stuff from Init Records I saw that a bunch of stuff were on sell I wanted For want's of's Smoke 10" for a while and when I got it I got this free cd which was the band Mahkato. Mahkato was a band that existed in late 2001-2002 they released one four track ep called "Fighting the urge to start fires" the opening song to the EP really got going for the other three songs. It's a good starter when you pop up the cd. I looked back to Init's webstore and found the 7" being sold for a dollar.... A DOLLAR. And yes it is still available and I honestly think it is something worth picking up. The band isn't hardcore or anything "Heavy" but slightly between with emo. While Dashboard confessions was fucking up the emo rep in 2002, Mahkato was making up for it. This band (Or project) lasted shortly. It's Init's third release (Second 7" being released) this 7" and even the cd format will be a rare gem from Init in a few short years so this is something you should (Or I think you should because if you don't then you suck but if your underage and broke maybe ask your dad or mom to borrow 5 bucks since its worth about that much (Shipping included)
Buy Mahkato's 7" format
Buy the CD format

Fighting the urge to start fires EP

I will talk a bit more about Init since I have a couple of records and recent cd's I have picked up by the label you should all be aware of to get and buy since its very cheap to ignore. I can't say a lot of Init's releases attract my ears but honestly I want to give Init props for releasing The Vidablue's What I should have said Volume 1 CD, for that I totally thank you also for releasing In loving memory's Discography LP and The Spirit of Versailles Discography CD (Which is how I found out about this label back in September 2008.

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