Friday, August 14, 2015

Weed but no blunt wraps

It's mid August and its hot ass tits just after finishing up eight blunt wraps I still ended up with some green left, I had to walk down the "Amigos market" to get one which is 5 minutes away by walking it isn't as far and listening to some Cougar Den was pretty darn awesome to make time go by fast. I got back home and had enough to make two and a half blunts I still have one left I realized it's too hot to get high in my room and spin You'll live's Above the water 12" (I am currently stoked to receive my copy of that bands new LP entitled "Moving past this" along with the shirt. While looking at my newer band collection of things I went around a bunch of cd's and today I felt like putting this stuff out. All my wishes were thrown down a well... are a screamo band from California down San Diego I believe. I quickly picked up on these guys after seeing them on a few facebook groups I liked what I heard, PJ (One of the members) gave me a free cd format version of the bands debut which came with a cool button the cd's sleeve is also the envelope that is stamps on and is also hand numbered out of 100. The bands debut "In hopes of a new tomorrow" is very rad and quickly got into it after the first jam played. I've been lucky to get a few shirts that were/still are pretty good and cheap, the band still has those roots of a late 90's band or early 00's like Rue Morgue, The lady is not for the burning or something along those lines of heaviness, it is sick ass tits. If you ever want to quote you can use that line. The band is currently on a tiny epic tour and I do hope to catch them at La Puente's diy venue. They have a split tape out but the band did a limited release under "Metaphor technology" which is a tiny compilation of the bands two compilation songs and two songs off the recent split tape, 20 were only made. I'll leave a bandcamp link where you can download there tunes in your favorite format or catch them on facebook and give them a like or even get a shirt or two along with the tape.

Bandcamp site

In hopes of a new tomorrow

Modern technology EP

When I first ordered some shirts off this band the band threw in a free cd of a band called Voice De Corpse which I then learned they are from Anaheim, CA. The band a a two piece screamo/Hardcore one a bit similar to All my wishes. I am not sure if this band is still active there is nothing more than a song off there bandcamp that has one of the songs off this two song demo ep. I am confused on whether this is called Random flower or not but I may just give this ep/demo that name. I hope these guys make some more tunes.

Random flower EP

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