Monday, August 24, 2015

I am heaven

When I heard I am heaven I thought for a second it had to do with members of Drive like Jehu but no in reality Eric Wareheim from that tim and eric show was involved in this band. This band was pretty "odd" at its time, still kinda is. This untitled 7 track LP doesn't really have much (Not even a insert just the I am heaven on the center with a black generic sleeve. Who knows how many of these were made but this shit is pretty good it blends a dark post hardcore vibe and the vocals can remind you of Drive like Jehu for a bit. But in the end the record is a cool rare gem I ran into for 8 bucks, it's still something to spin. The eight track doesn't need the LP to be played in reverse to be played, it's simply the last song that is the 7th one just being in reverse I actually thought it was require to be played in reverse to hear it on the LP but that is not the case.

Untitled 12"

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