Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Some 7" records from K records in the 90's

K Records is a indie label from Washington and I have discovered some neat stuff off there like The halo benders (So far since I haven't looked too much into the label) but I feel that they are more memorable because of the 7"s they did in the 90's although Patterns make sunrise 7" was later distributed by the label. Originally the 7" was self released. I found PMS sometime... Well I honestly can't remember I do remember that it was because of lastfm, they might have been added as a similar artist as Lync (It's the best conclusion I can come up with) PMS had a decent chill indie rock vibe. I quickly got into them after listening to the 7" after browsing for info on the 7" K records had copies of the 7" being sold for 5 dollars and it was during a time K records was doing free shipping so I bought the 7" by the end of 2011 the 7" was one of the first records I ever bought next to The Pine Days slipping by, The Reptilian full health and Drive like jehu's s/t. K records still has copies out, its a good underrated gem to have. I like more of the 90's indie rock more than today's, today's indie rocks consists of the same rip off "Twinkly" riffs and they do get pretty boring after a while.

Patterns make sunrise 7"

Lync on the other hand was also one of the first discoveries along with Empire state games, I hate myself, Chune, Guyver-One and Boys life I found on a certain blogspot. I had never planned on owning anything from Lync because even the bands only full length is pretty expensive to grab but over the years I was lucky enough to find the bands very first single 7"s. These singles were later added to the bands second LP which is a compilation of the bands singles and a few unreleased songs entitled "Remember the fireballs (Part 8)" the cd has the entire collection of the 14 songs while the 12" is missing about 4 of the songs including the one of the songs from the singles "Lightbulb switch" but K records did pull these 3 records out in the early 90's. Lync can be characterised somewhat post hardcore/indie and emo while having a few emotional lyrics the band was able to combine all three elements. Kinda like with Patterns make sunrise actually. I do wish to run into "These are not fall colors" one day (the 12" version not the cd) along with the compilation (Probably the cd since it contains all songs)

Pigeons 7"

My two front feet/Lightbulb switch 7"

Mhz/Pan 7"

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