Friday, September 18, 2015

I wrote haikus about cannibalism in your yearbook

As September screamo continues the weather is starting to change, more windy cloudy patterns.. It even rained but not so much. I wrote haikus was a short lived screamo "Soul punk" (As they describe) that lived throughout 2004-2005 I think? The band did a 5 track demo that were previously unreleased and a 8 song demo cdr that slowly spread out through the internet. The band then compiled most of the songs and re-recorded them for a discography 12" that was pressed a good few times and quickly sold out. Last November I was able to get me a copy of the LP an exclusive coke bottle color only 100 were done in this color. I honestly don't care much for color vinyl if it were plain black that would do it for me too. I do want to mention two songs off the 8 song demo did not make it to the discography for some odd reason and these two could've added more playtime. I wrote haikus is all over the place, loud and sad. The most memorable songs to me would be untitled 4,5,6 and 10 while 3, 7 and 12 are the most commonly known but also good. I am very glad to have found the band name interesting enough to check out years back. I always told myself to own the record one day. Discos huelga is still selling these for 5 or 6 dollars, it's very worthy of getting and very cheap discogs and ebay sellers are only trying to rip you off so don't fall for those ashholes and pick one up from the label before they are gone forever. This band had to go on here sooner or later and I think it was seen miles away. I always wondered how the shows they put out were, maybe reckless and sad I don't know since there is no live sets on youtube but the discography 12" will forever live on as a classic to the real screamo scene. The members went on to start all those bands you all know about like Beau Navire, Who calls so loud and the underrated "Xochitl" (Borderline I wrote haikus and Beau Navire)

Discography 12"


  1. Still my favourite screamo band name. How interesting to finally see an image of the LP itself.

    1. The record was repressed once more in late 2014. I dont remember how many in black but 100 of them were in coke bottle (The one I have). These were sold for 5.99. They sold out pretty fast.