Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rue Morgue

It's September and screamo month is about to being for me, this is a little thing I do because September was the month where I discovered half of this stuff when I was 16. I will explain the story at a different time but today is a fucking hot day I don't have much to do today morning so squeezing in this post wouldn't be such a bad idea. Here we have Rue Morgue this band was those bands that did a tour demo for the tour and ended right afterwards. I don't remember much of this band but originally this release was on cd years later Nolan (Off Cloud Nine Label) thought it be neat to release this as a 7" I was fucking excited about the news I did buy a copy way later but I had a special plan to pick this up soon (And I did) the band follows up of similar bands like The spirit of versailles, In loving memory, Edict of Milan (I ruined the future posts) but you get the drift if you are familiar with those. Nolan may still have copies at the Off Cloud Nine Storenvy for like 3 dollars I think. People who grew up to this band probably don't know there was a 7" format of this done recently. I only knew because of Off cloud nine and being a big nerd on the label. Do take time on picking up a copy of it. It's packed with 8 gnarly chaotic screamo songs (They are short since the 8 songs fit in the 7") but hey that means you can sit down and listen to the entire thing.

Rue Morgue 7"

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