Friday, September 18, 2015

Beau Navire

After Haikus 4-3 years later Beau navire is born. I was one of the few people who knew Beau navire when they began, they were known as "Life Moves" back in myspace days (But it was sometime mid 2009) and I even think they did recorded 3 songs under that name known as the myspace demos, the two songs were later re-recorded for the bands debut 12" under Life Moves. One of the first records I ever owned was the split single sided 7" they did with Adobe homes. I was never able to get much from them besides these few releases and two shirts I was able to snag. I might have been the only one who was not so hyped after hearing the bands recent length done in 2012 called "Lumens" which has that Loma Prieta loud production style. I don't mind when Loma does that since it suits them for the records they pulled out but for Lumens it didn't work so well for me. Hours in the other hand was a fantastic record from 2011 which had a much dark/creepy/mysterious thing going on but full with emotions making it across the entire length (Kinda like a story) The bands splits were pretty great also the 8" split they did felt like that was the heart of Beau navire it had that Haikus feel a bit more.. Honestly the same can be said by the Suffix split they did which is my favorite split by them simply because Beau navire goes back to the same early Beau Navire roots and it is the only suffix 7" release. The band has been in hiatus for a good while (Last release was a split 7" with Republic of dreams which I liked the Beau Navire songs a bit more than the songs off Lumens. They almost draw back as b-sides off Hours or something but that is just my head. I hope to see this band release one more length at least something close to the sam production of Hours at least. I can't really post the other releases since I don't own them (I am being strictly honest with this post) so don't expect full on discographies from a band on here (I'll either post what I own or stuff that is under "Rarity mp3") If you just checked my I wrote haikus post this is stuff you should have on your pc stored in.

Demo tape
Te Lloraría Un Puto Río/Carrion Spring/The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch/Beau Navire split 8"

Adobe Homes/Beau Navire split 7"

Life moves 12"

Beau Navire/Suffix split 7"

Collection of split songs
Hours CD

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