Monday, September 28, 2015

The Spirit of Versailles

It's all come down to this epic moment of screamo September especially for me, while I have been away I have slowly been discovering the new bandcamp math rock bands it only pisses me off that majority of them expect me to pay money for digital mp3's that are DIY nonetheless it is your music but it still feels pretty douchey I mean if you want to sell you can make some diy tapes or cd's in which I would gladly buy but the whole pay this amount for these digitals doesn't cut it for me. Well The Spirit of versailles, they were among the very first I had discovered they are the reason why I am doing this, the reason why I made this and the person I am today. They are the band that lifted me to the emo realm. I still find it stupid how people tag it as "Emo violence" (It is one of the stupidest silliest things I have ever heard next to "Twinkle daddies") But before I get into how awesome this band is I'd like to share a story on how I ran into them. It was sometime mid September when I was a Junior I had forgotten my mp3 player at the time and I honestly hated paying attention to school so I had asked a friend to let me borrow her ipod because she had some things to what I like at the time I also wanted to hear some new stuff she has so she didn't mind (she's a cool cat) I had the ipod on alphabetically and I ran into "Because there isn't enough hours in a day" I was practically mind blown in my english class that I had looked back into the ipod and saw that the band name was under "The spirit of versailles" she only had a few songs including the live ones off the discography cd, some from 8 songs and song two off the split. I told her about it and told me she would make me a cd for the next day but instead I went online and quickly downloaded the bands discography from that point on my music life changed. I slowly began finding other bands into which leads to today (All I know that was from the past and today) The spirit of versailles is not those bands you would hear on myspace or anything like that there's two different ones the high pitched early discography and the later on other half with different style of vocals yet the same vocalist trying a new thing. I honestly don't care for either one I love them equally. The best part of this band is that Init did make a discography cd that collects the bands vinyl stuff along with the later on tour cd and some live unreleased songs in a 2 disc set. I never had any chance of buying this cd until way later on when I was in college. I somehow came in contact with the later on bassist of the band in which he game me some free records from the spirit of versailles including The Hareste which I think he was in or produced (Either one I can't think to deep) but they had the same style tsov did. Honestly The spirit of versailles, The hareste and In loving memory carry on the torch of the identical like screamo style I really admire. It has a very nice passionate sound that really got me into screamo unlike Alesana these bands really brought in the raw feels (You just can't fuck with that) I am only missing one of the splits and the bands cd ep but other than that I have almost everything else. Thanks to Nolan (Off cloud nine) he released the 8 song tour cd to 12" and this is actually recent so if you don't have a copy you can go to off cloud nine's storenvy and buy it before they are gone forever. The spirit of versailles is truly a inspirations to me and a new way of looking at screamo or at least when I was new to it. There is nothing more refreshing than the noise of different tunes you are not used to but you like it so much because it sounds so real and even has some real feeling. I can't help myself to think that if I never ran into this band I wouldn't be here typing this.

In line for halos 7"

The Spirit of versailles/Saqqara split 7"

The Spirit of versailles/Caligari split 7"

Live on WNYU 7"

... Is Dead 12" (8 songs)
Buy it here

Discography CD

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