Wednesday, September 9, 2015

In Loving Memory

Am I so glad Init did a discography 12" of this that carries the bands only debut length and 4 songs off the split tape. ILM reminds me of what The Hareste was hell it is pretty much like a clone of The Hareste but that's okay in today's times because there is no other band that does it now (Except OCN) this LP goes in guns blazing each song becomes more powerful than the next (Just as how discographies work Init sold out of these copies but I am sure they can be found at amazon (Just where I got mine from) ehh there isn't so much I can blabber about on this one or I am just in a rush to just post this already. They are all angry, fast, loud and sad jams.. Yeah. That's pretty much how to sum this one up. This is some good ol' skool screamo.

Discography 12"

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