Monday, September 28, 2015

The Hareste

After mentioning in my last post it be fair to put them on here. So I got this bands self titled 7" for free from the bassist of The Spirit of versailles (Ill never forget it) and well they are good. I had known them for a long while although not in the same year I discovered TSOV but the year after. This band released a 7", two songs on two compilations and a EP CD I believe under "A symphony of horror" They didn't leave much but these songs are available for free at bandcamp. One of them were able to post them all on there (Exception of one of the compilation songs) This is truly The spirit of versailles 2. You can click here for the bandcamp page.You don't need a video for this one since I provided you with the bandcamp page where you can stream those songs. I will still upload the 7" just in case for whatever reason. The 7" follows the identical steps of In line for halos and In loving memory's demo so it is in between those two just in case you are wondering.

s/t 7"

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