Sunday, September 13, 2015

Edict of Milan

I won't go on too much with this band, Edict of Milan were one of those bands I didn't know about until recently only because Off Cloud Nine released a vinyl version of the band's self titled cdr. It's about the same story just as Rue Morgue's 7". This 12" is also available at Off Cloud Nine's storenvy. Someone had ripped the cdr version and posted it somewhere on the comment section of the bands lastfm page and after listening to it I ended up buying it since I really enjoyed every single bit of it. The band often reminds me of Sinking steps rising eyes, In loving memory and somewhat of The Spirit of versailles. You can buy Edict of Milan's 12" by clicking here Its pretty awesome how this went up on vinyl years later. This is a band I also would like for you to have in your library and this also falls on my September screamo month.
Edict of Milan 12"

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