Friday, October 9, 2015

What a hot October

As the title of the post says it today is fucking hot ass fuck. I was hoping for rain like last week when it rained at midnight. A while back of this year I had looked into more Init records releases and I came across this CD. I honestly haven't fully heard of this band after listening to the CD and honestly this EP rocked my socks. It has some singing and a piano, which reminds me a bit of Dawn Treader only a bit more smooth. I was going to post this for September but I forgot. I did start a bit late for October but I should make it up because I have planned on the next stuff I will be posting which would kinda break the laws of me owning this stuff but I was asked to upload these other files because most that have been uploaded are ancient old and the link no longer works. But before I get into all that Sinking steps is a total babe band to check. I had bought Majestic blue for a dollar along with the Majestic blue poster for like another dollar or 2. This stuff is still at the Init store so I see no reason for anyone to say "I don't have money" well it's a dollar I am sure you have that (plus for shipping) I think I described them already "Dawn Treader/More piano/Much softer than Dawn Treader" yeeeeap.

Majestic Blue

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