Monday, October 19, 2015


I am behind on my posting I was suppose to post this band long ago, I have a bunch of other old school emo recs coming on the way. I am also trying to gather more material of newer/new dead bands for the blog so there will be a hell lot of activity going on for the next year or 2 as of now. After Tunes for bears to dance to ended some members formed Osceola. Osceola had a screamy/Post hardcore sound for a band. The band had probably lasted for about 2 years I think? a few splits and a s/t cdr self released by the band. At then end of the band they released a discography cassette under Utarid tapes. Utarid tapes is a not a common label or diy label like many of the modern ones. This label exists but you literally have to email and paypal them to buy tapes. This is the method I had to do for Osceola's tape. Honestly I found it rather annoying but I was okay with it because to tell you the truth Osceola's discography cassette was the first tape I have ever purchased and owned. There are some amazing tapes the label put out but the process of ordering is such a drag its not worth it. I am not sure why this label does not want to create a online store or even a bandcamp for all of this. This will forever be a mystery. Osceola on the other hand left a pretty decent legacy behind.

Discography cassette
Split 7" w/ Monarcs
I was able to obtain this 7" both bands are great

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