Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cobra Kai

Might as well do it now because I have other plans to post on here and I really don't know whens the next time I will. I honestly had no intentions of buying the bands discography LP. I was looking over at discogs and I had checked on Cobra Kai's releases and saw a mint condition of the bands complete recordings and it was pretty cheap so I had ordered it. I honestly don't have much to say about them because I am not too much of a geek on this one (What a surprise) This 12" contains the bands songs all in one LP. I had so much fun spinning this one because I had never fully heard Cobra Kai only specific songs so listening to this record was a pretty new experience to me because I didn't know what I'd expect and that is the beauty of giving some bands a chance that you never fully heard of. Cobra Kai was one of them for me.

Complete Recordings 12"

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