Sunday, March 13, 2016


After some time of listening to this band and gathering their music it's about time to post them on here. This was a band I discovered when they went on some sort of break up. I heard of this band from the 3 way split CD with Some place to hide and Steeples. The band released 3 demos, a 10", a 3 way split cd, a split 12" with Fire team Charlie and a final 7". The band had planned a actual final 7" or something (Its four songs) but that was right when the band was pretty much over. One of the members moved right after those recordings and Damezumari was done. My favorite releases lay between the 10" Hitheringandthethering Waters of and the split 12" with Fire team Charlie. I'm glad that the band posted every single song on bandcamp including some unreleased stuff. Although the band had a website with some alternate artwork and meanings to the songs I honestly prefer the website a bit more. Damezumari blends a mixture of Post hardcore/Emo and math rock. The math rock can be heard mostly on the 10" and the bands splits. Damezumari were one of those bands that progressed within each release sounding better than the last one. I discovered them sometime in June or July of 2010 I only remember this because my so called first semester of college was within that time and Damezumari was pretty new to me. One thing I wish for some near future is to see the bands 11 songs from the first two demos to be on wax.
Off the split 12" with Fire team Charlie
Hitheringandthithering waters of 10"

Damezumari/Fire team Charlie split 12"

Hope inscribed on handbills 7"

Blood Meridian
This 4 song EP was never physically released but did make its way being recorded and posted on bandcamp

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