Tuesday, March 1, 2016

La Bella

I've been sick out of my ass for the past few days from a cold. It's a bit rare to get sick but it happened this year. La Bella is a band I really do not remember how I ran into them. I only remember seeing this band play at the first Growing up is dumb in summer of 2013 with Notongue, Adventures and Calculator in Pamona. That night I went up to them and bought the bands 7" because I found them being super lit ass fuck. I remember not speaking up out loud to guy selling the merch mainly because I was out of breath from the bands set. I saw them again in Calculator's final show in January 2014 (Which was amazing and I will speak of it once I bring up Calculator on here) I believe they played a few new songs that were added to the bands recent LP. After the band members being busy for sometime they finally released a debut LP this year entitled "Ides" once I heard of a pre order I quickly got mines (Clear with blue splatter) Upon hearing the songs this band clearly still follows the same sick path of the 7" I was really impressed and I can just imagine the sweat and hard work of the members whenever I see this record spinning. La Bella is one of those cross over bands that can be called Hardcore punk and screamo. They're a nice mix to mosh. I have no other words about this awesome band but if you live in Los Angeles try to catch a show. What I absolutely adore about this band is the bands insert which is in a booklet zine style (Kinda like Toru Okada's Self titled 12" or Reversal of man's) The record Ides is still being sold (Black press though, the clear with blue splatter are gone) you can purchase it here you can also check their bandcamp here which has their facebook page and stuff. Do not miss out on this band I repeat, do not miss out on this band.

Recomposition 7"

Ides 12"

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