Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cougar Den

Since I am on spring break I have a bit more time to post this week or at least squeeze this post in. Well I have no clue how or where I found this band and it was a bit recent too. I had contact the drummer of the band when I emailed the band to see if they had anything for sell which they still do right now. I had picked up the bands self released 7 track Self titled EP and a shirt. Init records was involved with the bands second release entitled "Keepondrifter" which is as good as the first release. From what I know is that the band began playing in 2005. They had only released those 2 albums and a extremely limited split record with Cloud mouth which might have been a posthumous release for Cougar den. Cougar den has the details of some math rock/post rock (that can be straight heard on the second release) but clearly screams which sounds like a legit hardcore band from the midwest. It was cool that Init records took part of this band. The material used for the cd's case is all recycled material the case looks really fantastic for Keepondrifter. They do have a bandcamp and the self titled ep is still being sold and the shirt too on the bands bigcartel (although I would message first to see if its active still) keepondrifter can be picked up from Init records l since the cd is being sold for a dollar, its worth getting.
Off the self titled EP
Cougar Den EP


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