Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Midvale "First Aid For Airmen" 7"

I'm practically trying to kill some time today so I'll be posting this band for today. Midvale was a band I found way later so I can't say I get nostalgic vibes but that doesn't mean I get down to it. I ran into the bands only 7" on the internet pretty cheap and new. They also released a 6 song EP but maybe one day I'll talk about that. As for the 7" it's 3 songs that slightly remind me of what a pre-my chemical romance would sound like or if mcr was in the 90's I honestly don't hate it since it sounds way above emo instrumentally. But that is also another of my personal opinions on trying to get my point across.

It is a damn shame the band had only 2 very short releases and didn't live long for a full length. Just like most real emo bands from the 90's they all disappeared not leaving much of a trace.
First Aid For Airmen 7"

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