Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Audience of one

As a few of you may be aware Anthony Green did do a few projects here and their and sometime in high school he was in a band called Audience of one. The band started as a hardcore band until I guess they got over the idea and Anthony Green joined in and made "Show your teeth" the band recorded their debut only in CD format under a indie label Breakeven. Sometime 2001 the band released a 4 track ep that was believed to have been for a 2nd length but the band broke up and left these songs behind. There are no physical format for these but I assume the band themselves threw these all over on the internet. Too bad there are no live sets of these guys or anything else. The other member JD played for a band called Like Lions where they released a demo and a debut ep along with some other stuff. Anthony Green did do High and Driving during or a little before after the 4 track EP along with Jeer at Rome.

Off the 4 track EP

I remember when this all meant something+4 Track EP

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