Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dot flash line

Sometime in high school I discovered this band in a forum thread with a list of bands alphabetically and I ran across the bands demo tape and posthumous 7". After hearing the demo tape first the band reminded me of Portrait which I thought that was so cool I quickly got into the 7". I came across the bands 7" under Makeshift Suicide Device Records which I think this might have been the very first release off that label. It was pretty cool remembering back while listening to the 7" again. I didn't have plans on it but some label was giving it out for 3.99 so I thought of might as getting at it since the band didn't make anything else.
There isn't much on the 7" besides 2 inserts that are catalog's (not sure if the record store put one of the other ones) The sleeve is a thin translucent paper and that is pretty much to it. Dot Flash Line's Discography

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