Monday, March 9, 2015


On a sunny day of a Friday or Monday I had ditched class with a friend and we headed out to this other guys house and kicked it there for a bit I was looking to see if I was able to put some portraits of past songs on my old mp3 player I ended up putting Portrait's discography instead although off the bat I knew this wasn't POP but I liked what I was hearing, that is how I came across this band. Some years later I ran into the CD (I have no idea where the CD is at now since I couldn't see it where my other CD's are hanging at) I did run into the vinyl records the band made which are about 2 7"s and a 10". Portrait might have started right when The Kossabone Red was planning on the LP. Portrait did a demo tape sometime 1997 while the bands first 7" in '98 it was pretty cool of them to self-release the 7" I hardly see bands do that these days. I can't be sure how many were done but might have been a bit. A couple of months later they released a 5 track 10" which has its soft moments on that one. Afterwards they did a final 3 song 7" and that sums up the discography, I did noticed there's a song called "Always scared" I am not sure if it was unreleased or not since it didn't place in any of the records or even compilations I know of.
Portrait 7"

Portrait 10"

All my chances 7"

Complete Discography

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