Monday, March 30, 2015

Guyver One- Obsessed With... 12"

I had revisited a bunch of records from the past and no matter how much I like bands like the new bands my reality and mind is still stuck to the ones slowly grew into. I posted the bands 7" a while back. Guyver one also released a posthumous LP, I believe the band had broken up during the recording of this LP. Many say it isn't as good as the first one and I agree 50% with that statement but this LP is pretty much the closest thing of the bands full length. As for the first 2 songs from the LP they follow the same signature of the 7" the 3rd song is the one of the bands softest tracks from their entire discography (I honestly love it) the LP has much more of a darker hardcore atmosphere than the LP which really made me feel the emotions of the LP more than the 7" and because of this I now think the LP is up on top as the 7" I had bought this for 10 bucks the black sleeve was glued off and luckily the only thing I had to do was super glue the sleeve and now it looks good. I just couldnt sit having the 7" but not the LP.
one of the most memorable songs off the LP for me

Overall if you like the whole 90's emotive hardcore so called "Emo-violence" (silly kids) 90's screamo and you are a newcomer I would recommend getting on Guyver one's 7" and LP
Obsessed With...