Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Today is a mighty fine sunny Wednesday afternoon and I have a chill buzz high flowing.I am pretty much spinning the Uncrush 7" and I felt like mentioning them here today. Crank's 10th release, Uncrush was a indie rock band from guess where? Kansas again. Just like UNI-V this band also disappeared without a trace leaving behind this 2 song 7" and a song on Crank's! (Don't forget to) Breathe. It is just as about the same information as I'd give you from UNI-V. The 7" has the similar like sound of any 90's indie rock/emo-ish type of band one of the 3 favorite songs would be side B from the 7"
Like any of the early Crank 7"s this one is as well as standard as UNI-V's and Acrobat down's 7", no paper sleeve they usually have 2 inserts, a Crank! catalog and a sort of bands insert of the 7" info. Was ever being so born to calamity? 7"

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  1. Adam Stotts, the drummer went on to form Overstep.

    Thomas Kelly Webb (guitarists/ vocals) went on to be a solo act T.K. Webb in various iterations. I heard he worked in craft services on Sex in the City.

    I once sold him a 70s silver face Fender Super Reverb amp.