Friday, April 10, 2015

The Ivy Crown "Right side of the bed/Opaque" 7"

I'm pretty much fried today and I thought it be nice to share another record I have. This band is pretty underrated for a band that semi sounds like Braid in a way. Pretty much like Midvale this band left a 7" and a EP CD, they existed from 1998 until somewhere in late 1999 or early 2000. I haven't heard much of the CD yet except for like 3 songs but Right side of the bed is one hell of a catchy one of theirs. The CD might have been a posthumous release but I am not so sure although I wouldn't be so surprised. I like the sleeve of this 7", not many bands do those type of sleeves these days. Since there isn't a video on the 7" you must take a leap of faith to download the 7" and hear it yourself and honestly it's 2 free songs off an oop 7" this is a win/win. I really wished this band was mentioned more often by the 90's emo kids or emo kids in general.

Right side of the bed/Opaque 7"

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