Monday, April 20, 2015

Boys life

Today is that "4/20" day. its the day all pot heads that are posers or newbs gather and smoke because they are told to do so and these dumbasses follow what they are told. But other than that I am pretty much sober (Plus I ran out of my own weed last night) I didn't even think today would be 420. Never thought of the day, never cared. But today I'd like to present the next crank! releases from the band Boys life. This was another band that was local next to Vitreous humor in the mid 90's. Boys life is also in the early Crank! roster. I believe within the first 5-6 Crank! releases. I discovered this band same time I discovered Chune, Kolya and Empire state games, one of the first songs I heard and quickly got into was "Golf Hill Drive" while many people love Boys life's second length entitled "Departures and landfalls" I prefer the self-titled leading to the most classic of emo/math rock/post hardcore (Drive Like Jehu-Esque just more emoish) in the mid 90's. Boys life also put out a amazing split 10" with Caulfields band Christie Front Drive, let me tell you that both sides are pretty darn good. Boys life has also put out a early 2 song 7" that had early versions of the self titled, if you look at my Vitreous Humor post you can see they both did a split. Another Caulfield band "Giants Chair" (Similar to Boys life) put out a split together as well. Boys life later formed to The Farewell Bend but that didn't last very long. In fact it was much of a shorter lived band than Boys life. They only released a 7", a split 7" and one length. Posting Boys life here was expected and mandatory especially if you love the Crank! label stuff. I first ran into the CD with the hopes of only owning the CD until I ran into the 12" (Limited to 500) which I felt I needed to get but I also ran into the split 10" and since I am collecting my favorite Crank! releases I thought it be best to just get it.

CD Format

12" Format

Boys Life/Christie Front Drive Split 10"

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