Friday, April 10, 2015

Kolya 12"

Caulfield records was a indie label from the late 80's I think but mostly known for Christie front drive's compilation self titled cd and the stuff it had on Giants Chair. They also released 2 Mineral 7"s, they had other amazing bands like Luck of Aleia, Eric the red, M.I.J, Traluma, Broken hearts are blue, Ethel Meserve and of course my favorite Caulfield release Kolya's self titled 12"/CD. Kolya's signature sound from the 2 7"s didn't completely vanished. It still stayed but also figured a way to introduce songs that are a little sing alongs and less focused on narrative vocals, it doesn't completely a bad thing because this is the only full length from Kolya. The first songs I ever heard from this album were "Robots dream in black and white" which is an amazing opening on the album and the third track to the LP called "Resuscitation" which flows more on Ka's previous sound with more narrative, same thing can be said on the song Robots. These songs might have been played after a few months on the release of Kolya's The story becomes the vehicle's 7" since recording began in December 2000 while the 7" was recorded in January 2000 (About 11 months later) its been rumored that nothing else was brought up after the release of this LP. It is still a hard 12" to get since it isn't sold in most places and wherever it is sold I see the price as high as 150 usd dollars. I recently saw that a seller on amazon was selling the cd for 6 bucks still shrinked wrapped and what not so I quickly bought the CD. I'd like to share and rip this one out for you guys. Who knows what direction the band might have been if they were still together, maybe it would've sound exactly like The Union Ares. Unfortunately Caulfield records ended sometime in 2003 2 years after the release of Kolya's self titled.



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