Monday, May 11, 2015


I haven't been here in a while but I am back to make up for it. There will be times where I will not go on here for a while, I wanted to give a quick intro to Anasarca. This band formed sometime in 1994 where they released a 4 song demo tape. During the next years as a band they only had 2 releases on 7", a 2 song 7" and a final song on a split 7" roughly 7 songs were done. A discography was then made and a limited 12" version of the discography. I believe I heard these guys sometime in 2009, it is a damn shame they did so little for a 3 year active band. Since they were around the 90's they mix heavy elements of hardcore and emo (This is not the metal band). It is simply something anyone can get into besides, 7 songs doesn't hurt.

The lyrics to the LP are in the front and back cover of the 12" (I don't see many bands doing that)

1994-1997 Discography

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