Saturday, February 28, 2015

Twenty-Two Days

I wanted to also discuss more screamo bands, and yesterday I received this 10" I found on discogs. I could have bought this off the Meatcube storenvy for 8+shipping but I got it for 9.99 in total so I saved a few bucks. Well the band name says it all, yes they lasted 22 days as a band who released a 5 song demo (Not sure if it was cd/tape) they played 4 shows during their time active as a band (June-July 2007) 2 years later Communique Records (Same dudes who released Ghost towns 7") did the demo in 10" honestly the demo isn't fancy and only includes one insert which are the 4 dates of the shows and that's practically it. I didn't know of this band til year or 2 ago when I saw a review of the demo and being entitled similar as "the spirit of versailles" although I'll completely disagree I can admit it reminds me more of early Bear Garden like the 3 song demo of theirs. Honestly this demo is pretty good and does sound more of a late 90's screamo band. I wanted to throw this in here as well so you can hear it for yourselves. There are copies of this still around (I don't think they'll be around until Meatcube runs out on their distro)

Demo 10"
There is a test press of this but I believe that is possibly the most impossible thing even for myself to get, the difference my only be that the test press is single sided and either it is the same handmade cardboard cover or a generic one.

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