Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bright calm blue

It took some time to find this band but as for physical copies that was easier than expected. Bright calm blue was a Texas screamo/post hardcore band from the early 00's that released a 7", a debut length and a EP (which I don't like) mainly because they replaced the vocalist with a crappy one that reminds me of La Dispute and it sounds pretty bad which is why the band ended after the EP. While the 7" throws on full screamo the LP/CD has blended some post hardcore and naturally matured without any force (this is a good thing) I also got a CD copy of the length I havent had much chance to grab that on LP format but the CD will do it for now.

Bright calm blue 7"

This are the first 4 songs by the band the most memorable one is April, the intro even reminds me of what Kolya would have done. There is less Post Hardcore driven influence on the 7" while the later LP combined both elements.

Asymmetry set
This is the debut length and honestly this is where the band pretty much ends for me. It be worthless to show the bands EP with the new vocalist. It didn't hit the home run like the original vocalist. Honestly that EP didn't sound like Bright calm anymore. The length has 8 songs which I can also say again it reminds me.of Kolya's LP at some points of the songs along with At the Drive In with some screamo running in between. I feel like I just described how this one sounds.

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