Monday, February 9, 2015

James Dean

The Australian band not the actor okay, well another post for another short lived band. At the time this band was around (2006-2008) they had their own unique sound that many now just rip off or under "twinkle daddies" (whatever that means) James Dean were able to put out a s/t ep cdr and a 7", hell even a music video on one of my favorite songs of theirs. The band later on formed under "The let go" but that also lasted shortly. There isn't many bands that pull off the rhythm these guys did. It's a damn shame to say the 7" only 103 copies were made, I got lucky 100. The 7" itself is a blank one (no band/label/which side is which) it has nothing, I still need to write A and B on the blank labels of the 7".

James Dean 7"

This was the second and last release of the band, while it still brings the same stuff like the first EP this one has 3 new songs plus one re-recorded one (In the hospital) there's a difference to both versions. The 3 new songs which would be the bands last have a pretty point and I even imagine at time on the bands second 7" or split or even LP. The bands first 5 songs have more cleaner notes and theres a few noodling here and there. It's best to just download both cause both are just very good short releases.
James Dean EP+7"

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