Sunday, February 1, 2015

Far apart

You'll see me talk a lot about Crank! A record company a lot here, I happen to have a bunch of non-Mineral releases from the label. Here is a very short lived one I will talk about today. Far apart was a late 90's indie emo band that released a 3 song debut 7" on Crank! and did a song on a split 7" on a German label I think. There has been many times where I purchase a vinyl without hearing it and it has usually been stuff off this dead label, I been lucky to buy these and still end up liking them, the bands on Crank have not failed me. The band also made it on one of the 2 Crank! compilations which is their song "Hazel" This is where I heard of the band. It's a damn shame many of the Crank! bands lasted short or went on to a different label and ended up sounding completely different.

Hazel 7"
This 7" is not bad and even for the start of a band, The main lead song that starts the 7" entitled "Hazel" starts pretty strong with a catchy tune. The other 2 are pretty good too, as a matter of fact all 3 songs are very good. I still find it a darn shame the band didn't go anywhere (or that I know of) This release is a practical 100% of what most Crank! bands sound like or what it aimed for during the early stages. This is the 18th Crank! release, while UNI-V, Vitreous Humor, Boys life, The Regrets, Cursive were already part of the early Crank! releases this one is about halfway there.

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