Sunday, February 1, 2015


UNI-V another Crank! release which falls as the 12th one this one is very short but sweat, from what Crank! mentioned was that this band had recorded 2 songs 2 years before the 7" was even on crank! or ever released, the band sent the Crank! dudes the songs which were then thrown to the label with Vitreous humor, Boys life, Mineral, Etc. The band also appeared on Crank's first compilation "(Don't forget to) Breathe" after the 7" was released the band never contacted Crank! and neither does anyone know what happened to the band or if they ever broke up and what not. Such a mysterious band huh.

UNI-V 7"
The 7" slightly reminds me of some of early Cursive work and The Vehicle Birth but UNI-V is still able to keep it to their own unique style. This makes it a perfect Crank! release. But like many bands from the 90's the band disappeared off the face of the world without any leads or trace.

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