Monday, February 9, 2015

Jupiter Lander

Jupiter Lander was a very 90's similar emo band to such as Bob Tilton, probably a little more softer than BT. The band lasted shortly only to introduce us to a 3 song 7", I heard them on Lyrics won't reach the audience blogspot sometime in 2009. Recently about a few months ago I ran onto the 7" so now I am giving a little more detail on it. The label who put this 7" Strictly no capital letters has put out some gnarly stuff over the years such as this 7", Wishes on a plane, The birds are spies they report to trees, etc.

Jupiter Lander 7"

The 7" meets the qualities of UK emo music. Or at least to mine. Some parts remind me a little of Moneen for some reason. Just like any 4, 3 and 2 song 7" its short making you want more but well the band was going to release a second 4 song 7" but the band broke up but did record the 4 songs and put them on some internet file sharing accounts and what not. The 4 songs still follow the same steps from the previous 7". It would have been cool if the band did released a 7" of these 4 songs though, In the end the band had 7 songs. I hope some Discography LP comes out eventually, maybe like a side A with the 4 songs and side B the 7".
Jupiter Lander 7"+Final Recordings

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  1. Hey, thanks for posting about Jupiter Lander. I played guitar in the band. Just thought you might like to know we will be playing some reunion shows this summer in the UK :)