Saturday, February 28, 2015

Acrobat Down

I am back with another Crank! band... If you are annoyed by it well I'll be done soon and you'll live. Acrobat Down reminds me of a Dillinger Four/Texas is the reason/Cap'n Jazz mix band. I had bought the releases before even listening to them, although I don't own 100% of what they have (Missing a 7inch and CD) I honestly don't even have much info on this band to begin with. They started off with a 2 song 7" under Crank! They began doing other short releases; a split 7" with Blast off heads, a second 7" and another 7" before doing a debut length. The last 7" are on the CD and are both the same versions. I kinda wish I can give a little more on this band but they happened to also have a bunch of unreleased songs and b-sides but that was never physically out til one of the members posted it in their web page. I do plan on picking up the one 7" I am missing and the debut CD since then they are both pretty darn good to have. Since the bad debut on Crank! I wanted to give these guys a listen and they do sound like something off Crank! A record company.

Acrobat Down 7"
Acrobat Down/Blast off heads split 7"
Life/Robots 7"
Both songs are RE Dereliction so there wasn't need of me ripping the 7" they sound exactly like the ones on the debut just minus the vinyl hissing.
Since I am missing the 5, 11, 8, 6 7" and RE Dereliction I post those below along with the set of unreleased songs down here. Perhaps some of those unreleased songs were done before the bands first 7" but I can't say it is for sure.

5, 11, 8, 6 7"
RE Dereliction
Switchable Tess and various unreleased tracks


  1. Primary member Hans is still active in The Lowfills. Primary member Hobbs last known address is Popwreck.

  2. I believe multiple acrobat down guys played in small dog frenzy (snother excellent band) before this.